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ATLAS (Automatic Tester of Length and Strength)

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ATLAS (Automatic Tester of Length and Strength)
A computer-controlled instrument which measures the staple length, staple strength and position of break of individual staples. In operation, a continuous belt conveys each staple between an array of lights and an array of photocells, which detects the ends of the staple and enables the length (in millimeters, mm) to be measured. The staple is then grasped by two sets of jaws and broken. The force required is measured in Newtons. The two pieces of the broken staple are individually collected and weighed and, from the masses, lengths and core test yield, the staple linear density (thickness) is calculated and expressed in kilotex; the staple strength is expressed as Newtowns / kilotex (N/ktex). The masses of the two pieces are also used to calculate the position of break.
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