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Wool encrusted by faeces (dung).
Dark & Medulated Fibres
Pigmented fibres usually black or grey as well as any fibres affected by stain. Medullated fibres are coarse hollow fibres that cause serious problems in the dying process that are generally found on the hocks and briskets of sheep.
Dark and / or Medullated Fibre Risk (DMFR) Scheme
A voluntary vendor declaration for the risk of dark and / or medullated fibre contamination of Merino wool was introduced to Australia in July 2004, with the results reported in sale catalogues and test certificates. The risk scheme is based on the CSIRO concept of a stained and pigmented fibre risk factor for Merinos (DMFR), but extends it to include the dark and/or medullated fibre risk incurred when merino sheep come in contact with "exotic" sheep or their crosses. Exotic sheep are the breeds Awassi, Damara, Dorper and Karakul.
Synonyms - DMFR
Compactness or density of fibre growth over the skin area.
Dermatitis (Dermo)
A fungal condition that produces wool that is matted or clumped together.
Synonyms - Dermo
Shortening of the tail of a lamb.
Dividing animals into separate groups.
Animal remedies administered by mouth (i.e. orally) by the grower. Usually refers to worm remedies (syn. anthelmintics), but could also mean nutritional supplements or other medicines.
The driving of a mob/flock of sheep along a road or stock route.
Dry ewe
Ewe without a lamb at foot.
Dual purpose
Sheep suited to both wool and meat production.
The process of compressing two bales (double dump) or three bales (tri-pack) of greasy wool into the approximate size of one bale and restraining them with steel bands for shipping/transport.
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