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Mean Fibre Diameter
The average diameter (thickness) of a group of fibres from a sheep. Expressed in microns(
Medium Wool
Merino wool that has a mid-range fibre diameter, usually between 20.6 and 22.5 micron.
Fibres which have a medulla, that is, are hollow down the centre. In wool fibres, this creates a different appearance to those which are unmedullated, and effects the dyeing properties.
The Merino strains of sheep are the dominant breed of apparel wool sheep grown in Australia.
A unit of measurement used in assessing the diameter of a fibre which equals one millionth of a metre.
A group of sheep, usually run under the same conditions for the full wool growing season eg. a mob of ewes that have been run in the same paddock, drenched and mated/lambed at the same time.
Teeth on either sides of the top and bottom jaws used for grinding food.

The plate used to compress the wool within the press. It is moved up and down manually by bars or by hydraulics; technical name is Platen

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