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Leasing of grazing rights of a paddock which is owned by another person.

A method of measuring the mean fibre diameter of a sample of wool in which a test specimen (a measured mass of the scoured, dried and carded sample or a measured mass of silver), after exposure to a conditioning atmosphere, is compressed to a fixed volume and a current of air is passed through it. The rate of flow is then adjusted so that the pressure drop across the sample equals the predetermined value, or the pressure drop across the sample is adjusted until the air flow equals a predetermined value. The rate of flow in the first case or the pressure difference in the second case, is an indicator of the mean fibre diameter of the wool in the sample.
The largest neck fold of the Merino sheep.
Area of Origin
Code which indicates the state and area within Australia from which a wool clip originates.
ATLAS (Automatic Tester of Length and Strength)
A computer-controlled instrument which measures the staple length, staple strength and position of break of individual staples. In operation, a continuous belt conveys each staple between an array of lights and an array of photocells, which detects the ends of the staple and enables the length (in millimeters, mm) to be measured. The staple is then grasped by two sets of jaws and broken. The force required is measured in Newtons. The two pieces of the broken staple are individually collected and weighed and, from the masses, lengths and core test yield, the staple linear density (thickness) is calculated and expressed in kilotex; the staple strength is expressed as Newtowns / kilotex (N/ktex). The masses of the two pieces are also used to calculate the position of break.
Australian Superfine Merino
Quality endorsement logo denoting wool garments that contain fibre which is 18.5 micron or finer. Licensed by The Woolmark Company.
Australian Wool Exchange Ltd, the national body responsible for market reporting of wool auction sales in Australia, woolclasser registration and clip preparation standards.
Australian Wool testing Authority Ltd is responsible for the independent testing of raw wool and issuance of test certificates.
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