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A chalky like substance used to identify sheep.
A male sheep with its sexual organs intact used for breeding.
Raw wool
Greasy wool in natural state before scouring.
The weight of water able to be absorbed by a fibre as a percentage of its dry weight. Wool can hold up to 30% water in regain, without feeling wet. Standard regain for trade purposes is 16%.
Leftover chemical remaining in / on an animal after application / administration of a remedy. Can relate to food (meat, milk), or wool. Residues are important as a potential health hazard to humans or environmental contaminant.

The ability to withstand the action of a remedy which is (or was previously) effective against a significant portion of the population. Can refer to bacteria ('antibiotic resistance') or parasites (e.g. anthelmintic resistance, lousicide resistance). Resistance develops over time after the bacteria or parasites have been exposed to repeated treatments with the remedy.

The amount of noil produced during combing expressed as a percentage of the total top and noil produced.
Person working in a shearing shed as a board person picking up and throwing fleeces.
Synonyms - Roustabout
Two hour work period in the shearing shed.
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