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Young sheep from new born to 12 months of age (or when the first 2 permanent teeth erupt).
Lamb boards

Two wooden or plastic moulded boards used to pick up lamb's wool and locks.

Lamb's wool

The first clip of wool shorn from lambs up to eight months old. Merino lamb's wool is soft, has a curly tip and used for fine grade fabrics.

Also known as wool grease; this substance is a secretion from the sebaceous glands of the sheep. Often used for cosmetic applications.
Let go Pen
An individual pen into which each shearer to releases their shorn or crutched sheep.
Synonyms - Count out Pen
Life cycle
The life history, usually of a parasite, which goes through different stages eg. adult, egg, larva / nymph, pupae.

Each different grade of wool is separated and referred to as a 'line of wool' e.g. A line of Fleece, Bellies or Locks.

A small, approximately finger-size clump of wool that tends to stay together when shorn from the sheep. Sometimes referred to as a staple.
Very short wool cut from the fleece by shearers. Either short wool from around the points or second cuts caused when shearers lift the handpiece off the skin and then shear the short fires left on the skin to tidy up.
A device or machine for weaving cloth.
Lot, Sale Lot or Line of Wool
Any number of similar bales of wool, prepared for sale as a single parcel in accordance with accepted trade practices.
Synonyms - Sale Lot, Line
A remedy used to kill lice on animals.
Lousy / Lice
Wool from sheep that have been affected by lice. The lice make the sheep itchy so they rub against trees and fences and this make the wool become matted and straggly. The wool smells and turns yellowish.
The light reflective quality of a fibre or fabric exhibited in shine and gloss.
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