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Wool Production Forecasting

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The Australian Wool Production Forecasting Committee (AWPFC) draws together a range of objective data and qualitative information to produce consensus-based, authoritative forecasts of Australian wool production three times a year.  AWTA has maintained a long-standing role in this process, through membership of the various commitees plus in the provision of statistical data and professional experise. 

The Committee has a three-level structure, with a national committee reposible for the determination of overall wool production estimates based on information and advice from state sub-committees.  There is also a Technical Working Group that is reposnsible for maintaining the relevence and accuracy of all data used in the forecasting process.

The AWPFC is funded by Australian Wool Innovation Limited (AWI), which also provides the Chairman and adminsitrative support to the National committee.

The members use data from AWI, AWTA, ABARE, DPI and the state commitees to estimate wool production for the current season and forecast levels for the following season. These estimates are communicated to the industry via press release with an accompanying report published by AWI that details the data analysis and commentary on the key drivers.  

The latest press releases and reports are downloadable direct from the AWPFC page:



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