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Tally Book
A booked used to record the number of sheep shorn by each individual shearer (tally) used to determine wages.
The weight of the empty wool pack, approx. 2kgs.
Ratio of the amount of top produced to the amount of noil produced during processing.
Tender Wool
Wool that breaks under pressure (less than 32 n/kt) anywhere along the staple which causes problems during processing.
Tensile Strength
The amount of pulling a fibre, yarn, or fabric can withstand before it breaks.
Test Certificate
A certificate for a lot of wool resulting from the testing of samples in accordance with the relevant Test Regulation (eg. IWTO) and Test Specification. Test results may include measurement of yield, diameter, vegetable matter base, staple length and strength.
The outer extremity of a staple of wool.
A strand of longer fibres that have been straightened, made parallel and separated from the shorter fibres by combing.
Top knot

Wool from the poll (top) of a sheep's head.

Total fleece weight
The weight of the entire raw fleece from the sheep.
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