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In weaving, the warp is the set of lengthwise yarns through which the weft is woven. Each individual warp thread in a fabric is called a warp end.
A lamb that has been weaned from its mother, or has stopped suckling from its mother (6 to 9 months of age).
Making cloth by interlacing yarns at right angles according to a predetermined pattern.
Yarns running width ways in woven fabrics.
Male sheep that has been castrated. The majority of male sheep on a farm are wethers.
Wool is shorn from around the eyes and face. This wool is usually combined with the second cuts and short crutchings to form locks.
Synonyms - Wigs
The fibres covering the skin of a sheep.
Wool Away
Call made by shearer to wool handler to remove the shorn fleece from the shearing stand.
Wool Base
Is the dry weight of wool fibre free from impurities.
Wool Book
Book for recording wool bale information including number, content, weight and other pertinent information. This is maintained by the wool presser under direction of the woolclasser.
Wool Broker
A marketing agent who sells greasy wool on behalf of a client.
Wool Buyer
Person engaged in the buying of wool.
Wool Handler
A key member of a shearing team that works on the shearing board or wool table under the supervision of the woolclasser.
Wool Harvesting
The whole operation from shearing to baling the wool for sale.
Wool Pack
Specifically designed container made of nylon to pack and transport wool.
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