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Online Certificate Verification

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The online Certificate Verificationsystem allows holders of AWTA Test Certificates to obtain another copy via email simply by entering the certificate number, some security information and an email address into an online form. It has been provided so that people who have Certificates in their possession can check that they are legitimate. It is not designed to allow Certificates to be reproduced by those that do not own them.

Mulesing Status Reports can also be requested through this facility. Requestors need the certificate number and security code of a Combined Certificate or Mulesing Status Report in order to obtain a copy of the document.

To verify a certificate or request a Mulesing Status Report, use the [CLICK HERE] button below to display the webpage then update the fields as explained below: 

    1. Enter the full AWTA Certificate number in the format N-NNNNNNNN-AN

    2. Chose the type of document (Certificate and/or Mulesing Report) from the list box.

    3. Enter the security code as printed on the bottom of the certificate.

    4. Type in the destination email address.

    5. Press the [Request Verification] button

If the request was successful, a PDF of the Certificate or Mulesing Report is sent as an email attachment to the nominated email address. Several messages may appear during the verification process. These include;

  • A green confirmation message to confirm the request is successful, and that a PDF file has been sent automatically to the nominated email address.
  • A red error message shows if the verification is unsuccessful.
  • A blue status message is displayed if the certificate is no longer current. In cases where the document is not emailed, a link provided in the message allows users to email AWTA and ask that we check the document. In such cases, we may need to establish that they are the bona fide owner.

Mulesing Status Reports can only be obtained using the certificate number and security code of an IWTO Combined Certificate or a Mulesing Status Report. The security codes are different between the two documents and so a holder of a Mulesing Status Report cannot obtain a copy of the corresponding Combined Certificate through this process.

Mulesing Status Reports are not available with any other AWTA certificates.


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