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The quality of fabric, yarn or fibre assessed by the reaction obtained from the sense of touch. Comprising the judgment of roughness, smoothness, harshness, pliability, thickness, softness, etc.
Mechanical instrument used for the removal of wool from a sheep.
Yarns which are spun by hand using a spinning wheel or electric spinner.
Hauteur (H, mm)

Hauteur is mean fibre length in a top. Hauteur is usually regarded as a numerical average (i.e.. Assumes no relationship between fibre length and diameter), but is actually a length-biased distribution. The variation in the length is expressed as CVH%.

Young sheep approx. 12-18 months of age. In Australia, hogget wool comes from young sheep that are usually shorn as lambs, with the first fleece then known as hogget wool.
Hunger Fine
Term applied to wool which is unnaturally fine, due to under-nourishment over an extended period.
Readily absorbs moisture from the atmosphere.
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