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AWTA Raw Wool is the largest Wool Test House in the world, and Australia is the world's largest producer of apparel wool. Virtually all wool produced in Australia is now presale tested and AWTA Certificate Database contains all this objectively measured information.

The Company's testing database contains Certificate data from 1992/93 and we regularly publish statistical reports based on these data. Some of these reports are provided free of charge, accessible from the sub menu area of this web site.

Statistics are available on:

  • Production forecasting
  • Key Test Data reports
  • Wool testing trends
    • Yield Testing
    • Fine Wool (<19.5 Microns)
    • Micron Profile
    • Wool Type (Fleece, Skirting, Carding)
    • Wool Statistical Area
  • Dark & Medullated Fibre Risk Adoption
  • Mulesing Status
  • Finest Micron Record


























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