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Wool Press
A machine used to compress wool into a bale, can be manual, electric or hydraulic.
Wool Presser
A member of a shearing team who responsible for the pressing and branding of bales.
Wool Room
The dedicated area within a shearing shed where fleeces are skirted and classed.
Wool Table
Table made of battens onto which the fleeces are thrown for skirting and rolling.
A person registered by the Australian Wool Exchange Ltd employed to class wool.
Member of a shearing team responsible for classing the clip and supervising the wool handlers. Woolclassers are registered with the Australian Wool Exchange.
The owner of the sheep that are shorn.
Bulky and uneven yarn made from shorter wool fibres, and the fabric made from such yarns.
Woollen System
A method of yarn production from wool fibres that have been carded, but not combed or gilled. The fibres are not as well aligned as in the worsted system. Wool used for the woollen system are called carding types, which generally have a shorter fibre length than those used for the worsted system.
Firm-textured, compactly twisted woollen yarn made from long fibres, and the fabric made from such yarn. Suitable for dresses and suits.
Fabrics produced by interlacing yarns.
A continuous strand of fibres twisted or otherwise held together.
The amount of clean wool that is derived from greasy wool after scouring, expressed as a percentage.
The combination of grease and sweat on the wool fibre
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