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AWTA Key Test Data

The AWTA Key Test Data Report is updated every month and contains detailed information relating to the number of bales and lots tested by AWTA both for the current and previous seasons.  There is also data detailling the comparative changes in Lots, Bales and Weight tested and seasonal changes in average Yield, Vegetable Matter, Fibre Diameter, Staple Length/Strength and Colour results. Further data relating to volumes measured within general Fibre Diameter ranges, plus Superfine and Ultrafine wool trends is included.

Sub Categories

AWTA Key Test Data in a seperate file for each month, updated monthly. Available in two document formats, PDF and RTF.

Consolidated AWTA Key Test Data for an entire season, available in two document formats, PDF and RTF. 

A seperate file is available for each wool selling season and includes monthly data as well as progressive season-to-date data for each month. Current season is updated monthly.